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hoc quoque te manet, ut pueros elementa docentem

occupet extremis in vicis balba senectus.

- Horace -

Current and Upcoming Courses

Fall 2023

UCLR 100C: Classical Studies (CORE) — Medea and her Sisters

An introduction to the literatures of the Ancient Greeks and Romans along with their worlds, looking in particular at the story of Medea. By the end of the course, students will know the basic outlines of Greek and Roman civilization and will be ready to enter upper-level Classical Civilization electives and possibly even language courses having been enriched with the cultural knowledge and skills of critical analysis to approach the literary and, possibly, material records of the Classical world with acumen, thoughtfulness and sensitivity. The course includes a significant module on the reception of Medea's story in contemporary American theater.

LAT 283/389: The Age of Caesar / Cicero's Orations

Students read selections from literary works composed during the final years of the Republic, focusing in this instance on the orations of Cicero delivered during the dictatorship of Julius Caesar. We pay close attention to the language and syntax, as well as the socio-historical context of these works. This course includes a writing component at the 300-level.

Spring 2024

UCLR 100C: Classical Studies (CORE) — Medea and her Sisters

See description above.

CLST 378: Sport in Ancient Greece and Rome (Writing Intensive)

An analytical survey of the role and place of sport and spectacle in the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds, with a particular emphasis on the way sport can be (and is) used to reinforce prevailing social and societal norms. Students also develop skills and methods for working with both documentary sources and the material record. The course includes a writing component.

Previous Courses (please see my CV for more detail)

  • Introductory Latin in standard (2-semester), intensive (1-semester), and summer sequence.

  • Intermediate Latin Reading courses.

  • Latin Survey and specific authors.

  • Latin Prose Composition.

  • Introductory Greek in standard (2-semester), intensive (1-semester), and summer sequence.

  • Intermediate Greek Reading courses.

  • Greek Prose Composition.

  • General Education courses on Classical Myth and Society, Classical Literature and Reception.

  • Roman Civilization (including period specific courses).

  • Sport and Society in the Greek and Roman Worlds.

  • Ancient Greek and Roman Law (in translation).

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