hoc quoque te manet, ut pueros elementa docentem

occupet extremis in vicis balba senectus.

- Horace -

Current Courses

Fall 2020

LAT 101: Latin I.

Students take their first steps towards mastery of Latin language, learning morphology and syntax and acquiring vocabulary using Learn to Read Latin (2ed) by Andrew Keller and Stephanie Russell.

LAT 286/388: The Age of Nero.

Students read selections from literary works composed during the reign of the emperor Nero, focusing in this instance on the works of Seneca and Lucan. We pay close attention to the language and syntax, as well as the socio-historical context of these works. This course includes a writing component at the 300-level.

Previous Courses (please see my CV for more detail)

  • Introductory Latin in standard (2-semester), intensive (1-semester), and summer sequence.

  • Intermediate Latin Reading courses.

  • Latin Survey and specific authors.

  • Latin Prose Composition.

  • Introductory Greek in standard (2-semester), intensive (1-semester), and summer sequence.

  • Intermediate Greek Reading courses.

  • Greek Prose Composition.

  • General Education courses on Classical Myth and Society, Classical Literature and Reception.

  • Roman Civilization (including period specific courses).

  • Sport and Society in the Greek and Roman Worlds.

  • Ancient Greek and Roman Law (in translation).

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